In today’s blog we take a look at Virtual Machine Images (VMIs) and imagine the production of software as a factory process and ask why don’t we apply similar manufacturing processes?

So imagine, in this scenario there are blueprints for the product; methods for applying the necessary technologies; supplies (code) coming from other parties; tools and utilities necessary for development. There are also processes that strongly resemble an assembly line and obviously, extensive testing and validation.

Similarly, one can consider Software as a Service provisioning as an industrial process. There are requests coming from the developers, they are transformed into plans that describe the way how different software components must be collected, composed, deployed, maintained and quality controlled. A timely – and sometimes time critical – deployment requires not just the presence of the necessary software but also the selection of the right resources, assuring their availability, their proper configuration and orchestration. As it can be seen, behind the masquerade of a “service” there is a complex coordination of various software, hardware and sometimes human entities both in time and space. What can we do about this coordination?

Well, if these procedures resemble industrial production lines, why don’t we approach them using well established manufacturing methods? Entice is aimed at storing, transferring and deploying Virtual Machine images in a dynamic, on demand way. Virtual Machine images are created, decomposed, parts are transferred, from the scattered image fragments the necessary components are gathered and re-assembled, all steps executed with strong criteria for optimum.

If we look beyond the challenges posed by software technology, the timely coordination of these processes largely determines the usability and success of the idea. We envision manufacturing metaphors and applying industrial approaches such as supply chain management to model and coordinate the individual processes related to synthesis, analysis, decomposition and composition of Virtual Machine images in order to assure the realization of Entice objectives.