Cluster Meeting:

The Entice EU Project was represented in Cloud Forward Intercluster meeting by the Scientific Coordinator Radu Prodan from the lead partner institution UIBK, Carlos Rubia Marcos from the industrial partner Wellness telecom, and a member of the ENTICE development team Nishant Saurabh from UIBK. At the intercluster meeting of all cloud projects from EU, the discussion revolved around the various scenarios and issues faced in federated cloud design and architectures focused on the interoperability, SLAs etc. During the presentation section, the discussion of ENTICE was led by Nishant Saurabh who highlighted important ENTICE designs by connecting some of the discussed issues through its unique optimized image, VMI fragmentation, the multi objective optimized repository, and the unique but fairly substantial Pareto SLA design interface. Moreover, while discussion, the Scientific Coordinator highlighted the necessity to establish a connection between various EU cloud projects and as how EU cloud market can be benefited through such process.

nishant edit.jpg


Nishant Saurabh, member of ENTICE development team, also participated in the demo competition along with many other cloud projects. The visitors and reviewers highly appreciated the demoed version which was thought to be greatly advancing even when project was in middle of its completion schedule. The reviewers also gave some constructive comments regarding how ENTICE can be improved further in its process to succeed in the EU cloud market. All the comments have been put into practice to be incorporated further.