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The ENTICE Consortium are committed to ensuring that disseminated project results are taken up and used by the people they are intended for.  The CDB encourages research and innovation projects to come together into a project group in order to develop a service portfolio.  Specialists are assigned to help the project best disseminate their result stop our end users whilst keeping a close eye on exploitation opportunities.  The CDB offers 5 dedicated services. Given that ENTICE is now a completed project we are taking up the service of Dissemination Campaign Management which has been drafted with completed projects in mind.  

The Common Dissemination Booster helps to bridge the gap between research results.  The CDB helps to concentrate on the demand side aspects of knowledge circulation.  Research and innovation results are made open and accessible to those who can make best use of it, at European level and beyond, as early as possible, and in an easily accessible, understandable and reusable form.  The support action helps also to better map and target the stakeholders
and brings together results from several projects that are suitable to be disseminated together, forming a portfolio of thematic projects, showing both alternative and complementary results. 

The specific support action we are receiving, given we are a completed project, is the Campaign in Practice in Action.  This service assists our project group in carrying out the dissemination campaign and to match the means to the message and the needs of the audience.  Importance is placed on the language used to speak to specific audiences and depth of information is carried or omitted as appropriate.  The optimum outcome is that the dissemination campaign follows the ambitions and objectives of the dissemination plan. 

ENTICE is clustered along with H2020 projects BEACON (644048 ) and DICE (644869).