Let's have a look and see what flexiOPS have been doing to demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits of ENTICE.  The use case highlights the current limitations of flexiOps’s use of the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform and analyses how ENTICE improves the performance of the cloud platform with regard to image service times and deployment times in a real cloud implementation. It also contributes to providing smaller and more portable images for use in a federated cloud environment.

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Cloud computing has dramatically transformed the way data is stored and accessed.  Currently many services/applications use cloud-computing technology to provide their users means to store, process and access data. Although cloud computing is undoubtedly a huge success, there are some challenges and concerns. In terms of image deployment time it can take a considerable amount of time from choosing an image to getting it up and running. 

The deployment of the ENTICE tools to our FCO platform is still currently ongoing.  Despite this, some preliminary results have been gathered in order to validate the effectiveness of the tools running within our testbed.

The following results were gathered using the original Use Case images and compared with the same images after being optimised by the ENTICE VMI Optimiser.  These images were then downloaded into FCO and used to create new VMs in order to measure storage/time differences in various areas.  

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As can be seen, with this ENTICE tool we have made a substantial difference to both the size of the VMI images, and the time difference in image deployment time and image boot time on FCO.  The ENTICE team are confident that our product will be ready to hit the ground running as a a sustainable and attractive solution for the cloud market.