CLoud service provider & EnTICE Use case

The Cloud Service Provider (CSP) pilot case pretends to create a viable solution for both optimizing the operational and infrastructure resources used for providing proprietary and third party SaaS to their customers. The ENTICE environment will provide a feasible solution to optimize the whole ecosystem of a CSP.


Cloud Service Provider use case at a glance:

  • Optimizing Virtual Machine Images (VMIs) creation and storage.
  • Optimizing VMIs configuration procedures.
  • Optimizing deployment of VMs.
  • Eliminate dependencies with providers.
  • Improved elasticity for on-demand scaling.

  • Proprietary Software

    • Unified Communications open source framework for enterprises. The service requires elasticity, scalability and high availability. The main challenge is to optimize the deployment and elasticity of the solution based on the demand.

  • Third Party Software

    • Alfresco is a free fully managed enterprise content management solution. The main challenge is to optimize the VMI configuration and dependencies with Cloud Providers so it is possible to perform on demand scaling on different clouds.
    • Redmine is a free, open-source web application for project and issue management. The main challenge is to optimize the VMI configuration procedures.


How can ENTICE benefit the Cloud Service Provider?

By using ENTICE environment, it is expected not only to highly decrease the deployment and customization of VMIs but also to increase the quality of the service offered to their customers by offering a faster and elastic service. Thanks to the ENTICE environment CSPs will be able to offer more competitive services, reduce operational costs and avoid vendor-locking.