Earth Observation Data processing and distribution is a Space Data System. This BIG DATA means that traditional techniques are not suitable. Cloud Computing could reduce costs and product latency by optimising processing, storage and/or distribution subsystems. The current process of Data Processing follows these steps:


    The DEIMOS and ENTICE use case at a glance...

    • Data is collected from in-orbit satellites
    • Data is processed and re-processed under heavy technical constraints.
    • Data is kept stored many years and in different forms
    • Data is distributed to many external users all over the world to be further processed. Added value products.

    The core challenges of Earth Observation Data...

    The core challenges that it is hoped that ENTICE will address are as follows:

    • Direct Processing Stations vs Cloud Processing Stations
    • Data collection:
      • To ingest and to process all the raw data incoming from the ground stations
    • Data processing:
      • To adapt on-demand the infrastructure for processing all the incoming data
    • Data storage:
      • To provide an optimal storage service for cataloguing
    • Data distribution:
      • To serve all the request from the end users
      • To reduce the delivery time of products to end users
    • Data latency:
      • To optimise the set up time of any VM
      • To optimise the data rate between the virtual machines of whole EOD

    Where will ENTICE benefit space satellite business?

    By using ENTICE environment, it is expected to highly decrease the delivery time of the satellite imagery to end users and to improve their accessibility, increasing the competitiveness of the EO industries. It will be possible thanks to ENTICE environment, which will drastically reduce of the required time for the creation and the deployment of the VMs. This will allow to support high demanding changes adjusting the infrastructure to serve these overloads, taking advantage of the flexibility and lower time provided by the ENTICE environment.