multi-cloud ecosystems & entice use case

The flexiOPS use case will develop a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the benefits of ENTICE on the creation and deployment of virtual machine images across multiple cloud providers. 


Benefits of the multi-cloud use case at a glance...

  • Faster VM image transfer times
  • Portability of images to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Storage space efficiency
  • Means for internal configurations inside the ENTICE-generated VM
  • Improved and elastic VM provisioning times
  • Multi-tenanted software applications provided from an ENTICE image

Core areas where ENTICE will benefit flexiOPS...

  • Benefiting from multi-Cloud ecosystems and federated Cloud opportunities, such as bursting into public cloud from on-premises to cope with spikes in capacity requirements
  • Benefiting from the economies of scale of multi-tenanted Cloud without compromising on performance, cost, or other QoS to end-users